Te invito a leer este pequeño artículo (en inglés) sobre el Nokia 8890, un celular de Nokia que muchos seguramente usaron y disfrutaron en su momento y que marcó el camino para muchos otros celulares que como éste comenzaron el camino hacia la miniaturización y el estilo.

The ancient Nokia 8890 cellphone made easy international travel, offering automatic network selection and a real-time clock, which can automatically set the correct local time.

With its blue-tinted illuminated display and just 91 grams of weight, the Nokia 8890 cellular  is one of the smallest cellphones ever made by Nokia. This phone combined new features such as voice dialing, predictive text input and picture messaging with design resembling that of the Nokia 8850 (dual band GSM 900/1800).

The matte aluminum magnesium cover of this cellphone makes a pleasing contrast with the chrome details in its keys and the frame around the display and reflects the design trend – subtle colors and clean lines combined with timeless simplicity of those days.


Nokia 8890

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The Nokia 8890 cellphone had an infrared link for wireless communication with a compatible Nokia cellphone or a compatible PC or printer, and amazing feature in that time. It had a built-in vibrating alert, and it supported all three wireless voice codecs, HR, FR, and EFR, as well as the extended GSM 900 bandwidth, the EGSM band. The standby time of the Nokia 8890 phone up to six days and talk time is from 2 to 3 hours and 20 minutes, depending on network conditions.

A cell phone that brings great memories of those days.

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